Traveling, backpacing even more, made me meet soooo many differernt people.

People from all walks of life. Different backgrounds, experiances, situations, nationalites, skin colour, culture,….

From these people, I heard many, many stories. Stories, people coming from a small country like mine, don’t hear often.

Stories about life, family, friends…

I believe friendship might just be the most important relationship in our lives.


Why not family?

Why not your love partner?

Why not your children?

Because it is the only relationship that, in it’s true form, comes witout strings attached. The only relationhip you can leave at any moment.

Tomorrow makes 1 year in SE Asia for me. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed. Then again it also feels like 2 months not 1 year.

During this time I backpacked in 5 different countries. All of them on a low budget with a very heavy…

It has been 2 years since I wrote something here. And today is the day I start again.

The last 2 years have been full of ups and downs, new adventures, crazy people and many lessons.

Now I have been on the road in South east Asia for the last…

After realizing I was going to be stuck home for a while, I found myself cooperating with an organization that works with traumatized children. Here in my home country everything is the beginning stages and this organization aspires to be an institute for childrens protection in the next few years…

Tecnihaly I have one brother. He is 15 months younger than me and our relationship is one big mess. Being born so close together it was like being the same age but not… Growing up I was the big and strong one. And since the comunication in ou family was…

One of the thing in life that always gets me thinking are human relationships. They are so similar and sooo very diferent. From family to friends to lovers and many many more, they make me think and grow and everything in between.

Who do you count as “family”?

The first thinkg that comes to mind to…

Since I was a teenager, I remember being good with kids and playing with them. But it got lost in growing up, changing schools, loosing and making new friends… But it has resurfesed and it is growing and glowing inside me. The joy to just be around children and in…


A soul in a human body, exploring Earth and all her beauties with a paraglider in my backpack

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