My first project

After realizing I was going to be stuck home for a while, I found myself cooperating with an organization that works with traumatized children. Here in my home country everything is the beginning stages and this organization aspires to be an institute for childrens protection in the next few years. This concept is known around the world but in my little country nobody really knows anything about this.

So once I was asked to cooporate my anwser was Yes!!! I was asked to come along to write childrens books about different kind of traumas. I was excited about it. I know it sounds strange but helping kids specially those who have gone trough bigger traumas is something I am meant to do. And to be given a chance to do that, here in my coutry, where I grew up. What a better way to spend my time befour I go traveling again or move to another country.

Until now I had thing to take care of but I have decided to stop waiting and start writing. So I have given myself until the end of June to finish writing 2 stories that are going to be a part of a series of stories. Since the organiziation is called The Moon Fairy, I am making her the main character is the stories. To tell her story and then how she helped other kids in similar situations.

These books will help children face their traumas and to see that thing done to them are to normal and not supposed to happen. I want these books to used in kindergardens and schools so that children may learn how to deal with that and how to help children like that to feel better in this world that can be so beautiful and kind not just cruel and violent.

You can help

I am looking for real stories from real people to help me understand children with traumas better. Any kind of big traumas like sexual abuse, phisical abuse, emotional abuse and all other forms of abuse. I am looking for people who have gone trough this so that I can tell my stories in the most real way possible. If you found yourself in the words above I ask you to write a comment so we can connect. I do not ask you share your story in the comments. Just ask for my e-mail and we can talk there ;)

Remember we all carry something with ourself and there is always something we don’t know about a person. Don’t judge them if you don’t know where they are coming from or what there story is like! Be kind!





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