Your passport defines you

4 min readOct 16, 2019

Many people reading this probably come from western coutries. Places where traveling is part of your life. Where going to a new country is only a matter of how much will I spend on a visa or how long will I stay there. Not is it even possible for me to go there.

We are so wrapped up in our “developed” bubble that we don’t think what it is like for people who need to travel/migrate but can’t. For people who live across the world from their home because that is their only option. And applying for a visa somewhere in the more “developed” parts of the world but can’t or don’t have the money and time to spend.

Right now I am in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the very rare countries that except people from Yemen and Syria and other similar countries that have war on their land. Luckily for those people Muslim coutries cooperate between each other. They accept people needing a safe place. And here they can apply to go the western countries, where most of them want to live.

The war in Yemen is something most of us no nothing about. I knew nothing about it before coming to Malaysia for the first time in the beginning of 2019. And when I saw how many people from Yemen live here I was surprised. And when they told me their reason I was horrified. Like most of the things in the middle east or Asia, the western media doesn’t really tell us anything about it. We don’t see or hear anything about them. Our media is too busy showing us the bad side of our part of the world. Even when the east is mentioned it is usually how Muslims are bad or terrorists or how badly they treat women…

Having spend time with many Muslims (man and women!) I have a very different opinion about Islam than before. I have a better understanding about their values and way of life. I see how women aren’t really put down or treated poorly. Rather they are respected by man in many ways. Many of them study and/or work. And yes a lot of them are house wives but that is always respected. They are not less because of it. I had a unique chance to on a one day trip with only women and their kids. It was such fun. They are relaxed, funny, compassionate, loving and love life. And having the opportunity to spend much time with the men I have seen both sides. The man always works, especially if he has his own family. They do all the jobs that in the west are done by women and jobs that are supposed to be done by man. They take their kids to kindergarten, they cook, they run businesses, they clean, …And most of all they respect their wives. They make sure they are taken care of. And if the wife wants to work that is her choice and most times the husband will support her.

I could go on about this subject but I won’t. We all have our own opinion, I just want you too look from a different perspective when you hear something you don’t know anything about.

The point of all this is that all these people left their own country and families and homes because of safety. They are looking for new places to start their life a new. And they can’t just choose any country and go there. They can’t just show up on an airport and ask for a visa like a lot of us can. They are treated as refugees automatically. And when western coutries see the word refugee they get scared. They think they came to take over. But in reality these people are just looking for safety. They are looking for a second chance. Most of them are harmless. They just want a safe place to rise their children. A lot of them will return home if and when their home becomes safe for them again. But it isn’t right now.

And if we all just recognized that no one part of earth is made only for one nation or one rase or one religion and that in our core we are nomads and that we will always share our home with people who are different the world would become a lot more excepting. Most of us already know that somewhere deep inside but our media and our governments want us to fight to disrespect each other. They wan war because war makes money. People not liking someone due to their nationality/race/religion makes money. So I ask everyone reading this to stop and think if this is true for you. Do you dislike your neighbour because their religion is different than yours? Do you keep your children from playing with someone because their skin colour is different? Do you not tip someone even though they did a good job because you know they are an immigrant?

If you said yes, I want you to go and talk to his person. Ask them polite questions about their religion/race/nationality. Have a calm conversation. Most importantly LISTEN to understand not just to reply. Don’t try to be right. Don’t try to push your opinion on them.

And if you actually have the courage to do this, afterward sit down and think about this conversation. Did they prove you wrong? Did they show you they are just as human as you?

Comment below your experiences, I would love to hear them!

And remember life always has a good and a bad side. I see people every days having the time of their life even though they come from a war torn country. They still know hoe to put a smile on heir face and look to a better future. So do that. Put a smile on your face before you go out and share it with the world.






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