2 years later

It has been 2 years since I wrote something here. And today is the day I start again.

The last 2 years have been full of ups and downs, new adventures, crazy people and many lessons.

Now I have been on the road in South east Asia for the last 9 months. And the journey has been incredible. And it has finally brought be back to writing. So many things to write about and so little words to describe it all. There will be a following post only on my travel but for now I want to tell you about my lessons.

In June 2 years ago I got a boyfriend. It was unexpected but, looking back, the timing was just right. I was a mess coming back from my solo travel and the winter spent back home was boarder line depressing for me. It was just in this head space of not wanting to live my life in my home country. And living with my parents again didn’t help with that. So when we got together, an opportunity came for us to move to our own place and we took it. It was definitely a good decision for both of us. We spend a year and half there and I got an actual job (I was never a person to have a normal steady job) for a year. And I spend minimum 6 months to slowly get him to adapt the idea of traveling. In the end I told him I am going traveling in Asia and he can either come with me or stay home. He decided to come with. And the last 9 months on the road have been special also because of him. But now I told him that I need time to grow myself since he did most of the growing in the last year and I just felt stagnant in my life.

But the last 2 years have thought me a lot. For one I learned what kind of a partner I want in my life. I learned what jobs I am willing to take on. I learned self respect and self value. I learned that I have to earn money for myself if I want to be the strong independent woman that I know I can be. I learned about so many different cultures. I learned that when you do good to yourself and your surroundings, good will come back to you in many ways. I learned the people you need will come in to your life when you are ready for them. And so many more…

Life has been kind to me but also taught me some lessons in a hard way. And that happens to all. No life is only good and easy. There are always hard days or weeks. There are always people who want to take advantage of you. There is always mother nature who is merciless with the weather (and we make that worse for our self also..). There will always be ‘those’ days. But I learned to always look on the good side. On the side that has shown me some many times that there are good people, there are good place, there are good opportunities and things do work out. No matter how in how dark of a place you are in, you can get yourself out of it. And if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. There is always a person out there that wants to help you, you just have to keep your eyes open for them.

Always do good. Make it a part of your character. SMILE it helps. And have fun always. That is one of the things I live by. To always have fun!





A soul in a human body, exploring Earth and all her beauties with a paraglider in my backpack

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