Since I was a teenager, I remember being good with kids and playing with them. But it got lost in growing up, changing schools, loosing and making new friends… But it has resurfesed and it is growing and glowing inside me. The joy to just be around children and in seeing them do there little things and helping them out when they need me. For me this is one of the most satifying things in the world. The feeling I get after seeing I made a childs day better, even if just for a minute or two.

It is also one of the best learing experiances. About them and even more about yourself. Children think and function diferently than adults. And you can see it and feel it in everything they do. I read somewhere that if you ever lose sight of what life is about and what is important, you should go talk to a 4-year-old for an hour (something like that). And I tought to myslef “This is so true!” and if you keep that in mind when you are with children, at the end of the day you will see that you did learn or relearn a thing or two. Chlidren by nature are a ray of light , it’s the world they are born into that makes them different.

That’s why I have decided to spend my life helping children that need help. Children that are a bit different from the rest. Children that are special in their own way. Children that need to see that there are good and friendly abukts out there. Children that are bullied for their specialness. Children that need help from adults because their voice is not strong enough. This is my cause, my why! It’s the reason I started writing on Medium. This will be a Series about what I do for and with children in my local community and what I hope to one day do on a global level.

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