My little brother(s)

Tecnihaly I have one brother. He is 15 months younger than me and our relationship is one big mess. Being born so close together it was like being the same age but not… Growing up I was the big and strong one. And since the comunication in ou family was always poor, the comunication between me and my brother was almost always fights and punches until one was crying or running away… But then all of a sudden my brother got bigger than me and a lot more stronger than me. At that point we stopted physical fighting since I had no chance of winning. And at that time he had no feeling in his punches. He punched as hard as he could no matter who was on the other side. After than our comunication was even worse…ther was none. We said hi to each other if we crosses paths in the house. Other than that is was just basic coversation. Nothing special. And that was only 2 -3 years ago. And then last year in August I decide to go backpacking. My plan was to not come home for at least a year. Well like many thing in life that didn’t work out as I planned, so in December I came home thinking I will be home only for 10 days. And after 3 months it became obvious I will be staying home for a while. And so I started on fixing our familys relationships. But neither of my parents relly noticed or cared about that. But my brother seemed to get it. And since then our realtionship and comunication is getting better and better and I am more than happy about that!

But… He is not my only brother. There is one more guy I call my younger brother. We are not related by blood but he will always be my little brother. The irony is both of them are same age. I met him my secon year or high school. He was studying the same thing as me. And since we met we are brother and sister. We were standing outside our schoold between one of the breaks and somebldy asked us what is the relationship between us and our anwser was brother and sister. And some people actualy belived it (we do look a little bit alike). From that day on every time I see him, I see my little brother from another mother and I feel happiness inside.

They both make my life a little more interesting and fun. And they teach me new things about family and life, wether I want it or not. And I proud of both of them! They are my little brothers and they will always be my little brothers!

So as I said in my previous article, family is not just about blood. I hope you have someone to call family and if you don’t I hope you find someone that will make you feel like they are your family!





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