Who do you call family?

One of the thing in life that always gets me thinking are human relationships. They are so similar and sooo very diferent. From family to friends to lovers and many many more, they make me think and grow and everything in between.

Who do you count as “family”?

The first thinkg that comes to mind to most people is the blood related circle of family thet we are all born with. We may not like it or not know most of them, it doesn’t mean you don’t have them. You may think of your adoptive or foster parents and siblings. But it’s not just that. At least bot for me. I believe we can also choose members of our family no matter the the parents. It’s the people you meet in life and they become your brother or sister. You may meet them traveling a foring country or because you or them are new in class or you grew up with them or meybe they helped you out when the whole world turned around… there is many situations and all finish with a new member of your family.

I found that treveling gives more than one opprotunity to expand your family. All you have to do is be open to them and to go after them when they arise. You can be open to new people all you want if you don’t do anything about it when you meet a person you like, they will just go on about their life and you may never see them again. But if you talk to people and trust your instinct and stay in touch with people you “vibe with” and spend time with them, you will soon have an international family that will only expand. I have experianced that while backpacking for (only) 4 months from August to December 2016. It’s amazing in how many countries I now have friends. Yes not all of them are super close friends but every one of them will be happy to see me if I am in ther part of the world/country. And I would be happy to meet any one of them if they visited my country.

So, who do YOU call family? I want you think about it and make a list just to remind yourself of all the great people you have in your life! They are a treasure. And if you want I would love to hear about your list in the comments. =D





A soul in a human body, exploring Earth and all her beauties with a paraglider in my backpack

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