My thoughts on traveling

3 min readSep 3, 2021

Traveling, backpacing even more, made me meet soooo many differernt people.

People from all walks of life. Different backgrounds, experiances, situations, nationalites, skin colour, culture,….

From these people, I heard many, many stories. Stories, people coming from a small country like mine, don’t hear often.

Stories about life, family, friends, traveling, war, peace, love, hate, abuse, celebration and all else.

Stories that made me realize how similar and how differente we all are.

How no matter what coutry you come from, no matter the colour of your skin, no matter your social status, no matter your gender, we all want to live pecefully, able to do what we like doing, surrounded by people at least trying to understand us.

We are all looking for others like us that understand, if even just a part of who we are. Who will listen and laugh with us. Who won’t judge us for the things that happened to us. Who will share the love we share for life.

Traveling made me realize that every single country/place has it’s beauty, it’s gems, it’s amazing people, it’s culture. Every place is unique to itself and to your own experiance.

It all depends on how you look at life. How you choose to see things and people and places in front of you.

You can always look for bad things. They do exsit. Sadly this world is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are sad, horrible things going on all around the world but…

These is also good, lovely, positive things and people. Amazing views, interesting culture, good people who love this life, this planet and their life.

There is always someone willing to help, some road that will take you to an amazing place, small things that make you smile, joy in doing things,…

And both of these co exsit on our planet. Sadly humans are not all made with love and joy and understandig. But deciding what you focus on will make a big difference in your life.

Yes, still acknowledge there are terrible things happening in this world, like war, concentration camps, enviromental problems, abuse, but choose to speak of it in a way that helps and informs rather than makes more damage.

Speak of negative things as something we can all help fix and shift to a better future. Something to learn from so we can do better not encourage more of it. Especially on the interent, where it is so easy to hide behind a screen and a few ugly words.

But see the beauty, enjoy the moment, laugh as this is the last time you will laugh, tell people you love and appriciate them as much as possible, seek help when you strugle, be creative in any way that you like, dream dreams that are too big and be present in the moment you are living for none will return to you.

Traveling isn’t just to see a new place or tick a box on your bucket list.

It is to learn, explore, experiance, observe, enjoy.

It is to see we are not alone in any situation. That someone has been there. And someone will be there for you.

It is about asking for help and willingness to recive it.

It is about helping others.

It is about learning compasion for all the people of this planet not just the ones coming from our own country/city.

It is about discovering all the joys life has to offer.

It is about finding what you love most on this planet and how you want to spend your time.

It is about being who you are every moment of every day without being judged by every single person who knows you.

Traveling is forever one of my biggest passions. It is the greatest teacher of life and no classroom can compare.

It is a unique experiance that leaves you breathless, with a head full of stories.






A soul in a human body, exploring Earth and all her beauties with a paraglider in my backpack