My brothers, part 2

5 min readAug 25, 2021


When I started this Medium profile it was to just get my thinking out in words, my favorite way of expresing and art.

One of the first things I wrote about was family and brothers. My 2 little brothers. Today let me show you how my family has expaded over the years.

My 2 little brothers are still a big part of my life. I am happy to say that my brother (the one I grew up wih) is finnaly making effort into communicating with me. And we talk about more and more things. Slow and steady progress. Makes me smile just thinking about how far we have both come.

This goes to show any relationship can improve in both sides are willing to put in some effort. And even thoughit took my brother years to start trusting me and telling me about his life and asking about mine, we are getting there. And there is effort from his side as well not just from mine. And that is the most important when building or maintaing any relatinoship.

My little brother from another mother is doing so good as well. Our relationship is as good as ever and I couldn’t be happier that after all these years we are closer than ever. Sadly we are in differernt coutries, so we haven’t seen each other since Decembre but it will so much sweeter when we get to hug each other again and talk for hours.

That was little update to all who read My little brother(s).

Since then I have traveled to SE Asia and currently traveling/living in the Canary islands, spent 10 months at home (2020) and met an enormous amount of people.

From all these people true frendships and family like bonds have emerged.

New brothers’ and sisters’ bonds have been build and some have been lost.

I now have a new brother from Yemen that I met and lived with in Malaysia. My first big brother since he is a few years older than me. Imet him by couchsurfing at his pace and then just staying for the duration of my visa. IT was my base in Malaysia and I have heart warming mermories from there. He heleped me out when I needed him and I listened to his sobbing about a break up. I even watched Game of thrones because he was waatching on speaker in a studio appartment. And at some point I had to watched it, since I half listened to it anyway by him watching it. He was the reason I came back to Malaysia before heading back home for my dad’s birthday. He is someone who will have my back no matter what. So will I. And no matter how often we talk, I think of him often.

About 6 months later I was in Hanoi, Vietnam. After a rough start I found a workaway guest house that I really wanted to go to. It was an amazing piece of nature in the middle of Hanoi. Soon after my arrival the other guys came to voulenteer. I got along with with both but more with one than the other. And soon enough we were laughing and talking every day. We were all planing on staying in Vietnam for a while and it came to a big suprise when we got basically kicked out in 1 day. From there we all went our separate ways but he is the one person I still talk to and care for. We stayed in touch during 2020 when it went sideways for all of us. It made us bth feel like we aren’t alone in the houses of our parents, stuck, doing nothing but surviving day by day. And that alone helped us both fight this and go to a better place. He is one of those people that I may not see for years but I will definitly see him again. I will make sure I do.

Then in 2020 like many, I got stuck in a place I didn’t really want to be. In that time I realized who my real friends are back home and who just didn’t really care about me. And that is where the sister bonds were made. But more on my sisters in a different article.

In the summer I decided to leave my home coutry and go follow the warm temperatures somewhere else since I really dislike winter. So in October I sat on a bus going to Nice, France. about 10 days after my arrival there, France went into 2nd lockdown and I was stuck, burning thruogh my savings. Nice also became quite cold in the winter so by getting an idea of a friend, I booked a ticket for Tenerife in mid January of this year. Where I have been for the last 8 months.

On the second evening on the island I met 2 guys on the beach. Walked back from the beach with one of them and then spend almost every day in a bar where he works. That led to us dicovering how similar we are in character. From that a brptherly bond was build and he will stay my brother for life. He is one of the most genuine people I have met in my life. I know he will always have my back no matter what or where. And the otherway around. He is like the big brother I always wanted. Caring, protective, authentic, funny and just a good hearted person in general. And us being so similar makes it easly to have an honest relationship. And I am forever greateful for him, for all of them!

All these men never tried sleeping with me. The bond was always family not sex. All of them mean the word to me. I would cross the world for any of them. I feel such an enormous amount of love for each and everyone of them. And I am so thankful to have them in my life. They make me be better and do my best in this life.

This life has brought such amazing people to my life in the past years. Some had to leave my life and new one’s entered and so life will continue.

Make sure to take some time and appriciate all the people who care about you. Tell them since you never know what will happen tomorrow. Appriciate them in your own mind and heart. Pray for them. Give them big hugs and kisses.

Remember you can always build new bonds and realtionships. Being genuine and honest, I have found, are best ways to start and maintain a relationship.

I hope you have at least one person in your life you feel like this for. I hope there were names coming to your mind while reading this. And I hope we all give more love to this world and the people, we need it more and more, especially now!

Do comment if you iked this and if you want more of this going forward :)






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