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I believe friendship might just be the most important relationship in our lives.


Why not family?

Why not your love partner?

Why not your children?

Because it is the only relationship that, in it’s true form, comes witout strings attached. The only relationhip you can leave at any moment.

Like all relationships, friendship is a two way street. It only survives and thrives if both parts put in the work. In friendships it is even more visible how we choose to stay in it every single day. And unlike the rest of relationships, you can leave friendship any day. You can just walk out and never look back.

It is also the closest relationship we have that isn’t family related. We start it and build it knowing, from the start that we won’t be blood family. That makes them so important. We know we won’t really get any physical result out of it. Yet we still choose every day to up keep that relationship. To care for it and the person involved in it. You make that call, you make that trip. And at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it. Not object vise. But you end up with a person who will be there. Who will laugh and dance and sing with you on your good days. Someone who will be there when you crying, unsure of what to do next.

Many times friendsips are what keeps us sane, keeps us going and support us even when all others turn aside. They make us get out of bed on the worst kind of mornings and help us fall us sleep on the darekst of evenings. Sometimes they are the ones making life worth living.

Many times thy are the ones who will jump on a plane/bus/train/car to come and help if the needed arose.

Now, don’t get me wrong!

I am not in any way discrediting any other type of relationships!

In fact, having any type of genuine, honest and loving relationship in our life is a blessing and hard work. It always takes 50/50. No matter the type of relationships. And if you happen to find and built that with your parent, sibling, child, grandparent, mentor, life partner or anyone else, be greataeful for it! Every single day!

Why? Because not evey child has a chance at one and not every adult is able to build one!

So many factors of your life influence your relationships (topic for another time ;)). And not enought people realize how much friendships do for your perspective. Because we choose those people they often push us to better. To look at things from a differernt angle. They support us in our endouvers and stop us when we have gone too far. They make us acknowlage the differences and similariteis between us. And celebrate them! Find some comfort in them and see we are not alone in having certain feelings and experiances.

Friendships are a space of acceptance and love but still pushing you forward.

Friendships are safe space of honesty, open arms and supporting shpulders.

And for that I believe friendsips are the most under rated relationships out there.

They are put aside as secondary when in reality I say frends (true friends) are our choosen family. They are the ones who stick throught, the ones who actually do. And that is why I call them my brothers and sisters. That’s why many people say you should marry your best friend. That’s why I will advocate friendships always as an important piece of human experiance. And I will continue to pour into my own friendships to maintain them, grown them, love them and support them. And if I get half of that in return, I will be happy and greateful to have them in my life, no matter what!

So after all that, I am guessing some of you are thinking what gives me the privilage to talk about relationships in that way.

Well… Through out my life I hvae had many family reltionships, many experiances working in customer based jobs and buisnesses, worked in kindergarden and elemntary school and have traveled long and short term, close and far from home. And in all of that I have had many different kind of relationships, some of which I have started, some I have ended. And serving as an unlicesened therapsit to soooooo many of my friends and family also gave some insight into how people navigate their relationships and what makes them stay or leave a relationship.

Did you enjoy this piece? Or found did interesting?

Do you agree or disagree with me?

What ever your thoughts on this are, I would love to hear them! Please comment, like and share if you found some value in this.

And thank you for reading all the way throught!!






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